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Discover Plans Where the Benefits Work for You
Experienced Team

With over 10 years of experience in health insurance, we’ve become leaders in the industry. Based in Coral Springs and serving clients nationwide, our experts can help with health insurance quotes and options. We’ll guide you through the changes in the market and your life.

Exclusive Access

Our network of industry-leading providers gives you access to the most exclusive plans. With you in mind, we’ve kept the best plans fit for your life.

Competitive Coverage

We carry Nationwide Coverage that stays competitive with other insurance, like the Affordable Care Act. No matter how far they are from our Coral Springs office, our customers get the best deal on family insurance.

Comprehensive Benefits

Our agents discover the best benefits made to fit your specific needs. We’ll walk you through the process, so you know your tailored plan is right for you. Get your health insurance quote today! No matter where you live, our Coral Springs insurance experts can get you a health insurance quote today!

About Us

First Family Insurance’s mission is keeping family’s health first before anything else.

For over a decade, we’ve attained exceptional assurance from top providers to keep you and your family covered.

Our industry leadership provides you the confidence you need to spend the time you want with your family.

Our Benefits

With our nationwide coverage, you’ll feel confident having your family in our care wherever you are.
We are Loyal

What’s kept us motivated is you. Our drive in finding you the right plan means we will always keep you informed of any change, provide transparency, and continue to bring integrity to your life’s circumstances.

We are Personal

Every part of the process in picking your insurance plan is designed with you in mind. From our customer service to our experienced agents, we’re focused on the best options and service just for you. Get your personal health insurance quote from our Coral Springs team today!

First Family Insurance is A Provider With More Than 10 Years Of Experience Serving Your Community.

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