4 Health Apps for Truck Drivers We Recommend.

Long drives mean stopping by the next gas station for some steaming coffee. It might also mean sitting behind a wheel for 12+ hours as a truck driver. You’re not likely to have the time to focus on your health while paying attention to the road. That’s why we recommend these health apps for truck drivers. 

They’re so easy to use, you’ll notice the immediate impact small changes can make. Check out why we recommend these 4 health apps for truck drivers.

For Your Dietary Choices: MyFitnessPal

Watching out for your health seems a lot harder than it sounds. Long drives can leave you without fresh food most days. Consider MyFitnessPal as your personal dietician, trainer, or even your new set of friends.

Those late-night snacks at the gas station can put a dent in your personal health. MyFitnessPal offers FREE features that keep you on a regimen without feeling restricted.

Get features like:

  • Meal scanning
  • An online community to stay motivated
  • Custom nutrient dashboard
  • Access to nutrition and exercise plans

For Your Mental Health: Calm

When you’re feeling frustrated on the road, turn to Calm. Your days may take you from spending 12 hours behind the wheel with no break. Calm will make you feel rested even while you work.

Meditation seems like a no-brainer when you’re trying to reduce stress. But picking up the habitat to mediate isn’t easy.

Calm is different. A study on Calm found the meditation feature reduced stress for users. Even after they stopped using the app!

With 10 minutes out of your day spent reducing stress, you’ll be setting yourself up for months.

For Your Sleep: SleepCycle

It’s best to find a pit stop for the night when available. Keeping track of your sleep patterns can also help you better understand what’s keeping you up at night.

While you know what causes your lack of sleep (highway noise anyone?), SleepCycle does more. Its detailed insights help you find your sleeping pattern. Then you can decide how and if it needs to change immediately.

Getting your sleep tracked for better health is half the battle. SleepCycle helps you figure out the influencers you may not have noticed. And it provides solutions like setting alarms up at your lightest sleep cycle.

Most, SleepCycle gets you on track to adjust your personal health through sleep.

For General Wellbeing: Doctor on Demand

It’s important to contact your insurance during an accident on the road. Driving can bring its own unpredictable challenges. But what about the times when you need some health advice?

Doctor on Demand lets you talk to a doctor or therapist on video call right when you need them the most. Their 24/7 availability will help you feel safer on the road when many doctor’s offices are already closed

The app also features:

  • Multi-issue care
  • Providers you can stick with beyond one visit
  • Prescriptions that send to any pharmacy near you
  • Easy-to-access medical history
  • Insurance use flexibility

It’s not the same as a health tracker. But Doctor On Demand can give you an added sense of security for your health on the road.

For Your Tech: FitBit

You may have noticed most of the apps are available on your phone. Now get to know Fitbit. It seems like Fitbit has been around since forever. The idea of a wristband taking note of your health isn’t something new.

But Fitbit was one of the first to break the market with ingenious services. Helping you understand your body.

You don’t have to change your life completely. But these small changes will make it easier for you to keep track of your health while on the road. You may even find the small changes making the largest impact on your day-to-day living.

Its newer models let you track your oxygen levels and even load your cards to pay for things on the go.

While it functions as a fitness tracker, your choice of FitBit can provide a wide variety of features.

Some benefits include:

  • Detection of abnormal heart rate
  • Hands-free calling
  • Analyze stress responses
  • Number of calories burned

This handy tool leaves you with a clearer picture of where your health stands when behind the wheel. Check out what else FitBit can do for you!

Looking for more than health apps for truck drivers to cover yourself? Contact our agents at First Family Insurance. We guarantee you’ll discover plans with benefits that are right at your fingertips. Just like an app would be. 

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