Do I Need Health Insurance If I’m Healthy?

We’re all bold when we’re young. We run and climb and explore from sunup to sundown with no worries to slow our pace. But sometimes, worry is a good thing. It stops us from putting our weight on a rotten branch or climbing on a loose rock. And even if we do hurt ourselves, we can mitigate the worst of the damage with prior planning and forethought.
That’s the ultimate value of health insurance: it’s a safety plan for whatever life has in store. Let’s talk about some of the ways that health insurance can benefit you, even if you’ve got a clean bill of health.

1. Expect the unexpected

Health issues can be tricky to predict. Some are genetic, and some are infectious. Some are obvious, and some may be hard to self-diagnose. 
Whatever the case, health insurance empowers and encourages you to make regular trips to your physician so a professional can review your health. These regular checkups can help you avoid urgent, unplanned hospital trips by keeping you and your doctor aware of any potential problems.
Preventative healthcare is an undervalued asset for younger people. Diagnosing and treating an ailment in its early stages could greatly reduce the amount of care you need in the long-term while also minimizing your discomfort in the short-term.

2. Keep premiums low

A big reason many young, healthy people don’t purchase health insurance is the cost. Burdened with other significant financial responsibilities like student loans and rent, they probably feel like they just don’t have the money to spare for health insurance they don’t need.
To ensure the affordability of health insurance, there are many governmental actions through the Affordable Care Act that offer tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies to individuals of a certain income bracket.
Search for plans based on your income to find one that you can comfortably pay for. You can choose a low-cost plan that covers regular preventative checkups for no cost. If you’re a low-risk customer, meaning you don’t have a history of medical issues, you could keep your premiums very low.
Consider purchasing a “catastrophic health plan,” a plan with a low premium, but a high deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. This ensures that in worst-case scenarios, you aren’t left with thousands in medical bills and no way to pay them. 
That brings us to our next point…

3. Stay protected from medical debt

On average, 3 days in the hospital can cost as much as $30,000. Mending a broken leg could cost $7,500 out of pocket if you don’t have health insurance. Even a regular checkup could cost over $100 on the spot.
Health insurance plans help you portion out your medical expenses and receive discounts on certain medical procedures. Once you’ve met your plan’s deductible, your plan pays for a much higher percentage of covered expenses. If you purchase a plan through the marketplace, your plan could cover as much as 90% of your expenses.
Out-of-pocket maximums can ensure you aren’t saddled with medical debt for high-cost treatments or hospital visits. Once you meet your out-of-pocket maximum, your insurance pays for covered care for the rest of the year. Healthcare plans in the Marketplace can’t put dollar limits on how much they’ll spend on your care, even after you meet your out-of-pocket maximum.

4. Receive extra benefits from your healthcare plan

Many healthcare providers in the Marketplace offer low-premium plans to support customers with a tight budget. But if you have the flexibility to purchase a higher-tier health insurance plan, consider doing a bit of research. Other plans may have a higher premium, but it could offer higher value and possibly cover more medical expenses.
Some carriers even offer additional benefits beyond healthcare coverage, like robust customer service and a personal agent that takes care of your account. Supplementary benefits could greatly improve your experience while working with an insurance brokerage.

5. Coverage is as easy as a click

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