Ins and Outs of Health Insurance for Independent Contractors

Contractors often feel like they don’t have many affordable health insurance options as they hop from contract to contract. In reality, high-quality 1099 contractor health insurance is available at various price points and coverage lengths. Let’s discuss some typical issues that contractors, such as truck drivers, travel nurses, and real estate agents, might encounter when looking for health insurance.


How do independent contractors get health insurance?

Contractors understand that they aren’t technically employees, meaning their employers don’t always offer a health insurance plan. This can lead contractors to do their own research in the health insurance marketplace to find a private plan (which is likely what led you here!).

Choosing a private health insurance plan provides a level of flexibility that employer healthcare just can’t match. You likely won’t have much say in the amount of coverage you receive, meaning that the premium cost will likely remain the same regardless of your preferences. This could result in you paying more for services you don’t use.

Before you sign on the dotted line, First Family insurance connects you with a personal agent that will walk you through your potential new plan. With their help, you can create a completely customized healthcare plan that only includes the healthcare services you need.


How do private and employer health insurance compare?

Contractors move between contracts on a semimonthly basis or as often as their contracts demand. This means that, if they’re receiving health insurance through their temporary employer, their health insurance has to change just as often.

Signing up for new health insurance every few months is already a headache. But what if you don’t have another contract position right away? What if your new employer doesn’t offer health insurance? The anxiety of not knowing what you’ll do for healthcare in between jobs is universal among working Americans, but contractors face it the most often.

That’s why First Family Insurance offers short-term health insurance plans. You can apply for short-term plans at any point in the year, not just during enrollment periods, and the plan can last for as little as a month and up to 36 months. This is a great health insurance option for travel nurses, truck drivers, and real estate agents who are transitioning between contracts and want to ensure they have health insurance coverage in the interim.

Alternatively, you could skip reapplying for new coverage between contracts and maintain a private healthcare plan. That will allow you to strike “find healthcare” off your list of worries when looking for a new contract position.


How do I get started?


You can get a free, no-obligation quote and speak to a health insurance expert today! Just answer a few short questions and you’ll be one step closer to finding an affordable healthcare plan that accommodates your employment status.

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