Amanda A Reece

Coming from a Family of healthcare providers and working for one of the largest trauma hospital’s in South Florida I’m not only well versed on the clinical side of healthcare but also knowledgeable on the insurance end of healthcare. My past endeavors have molded me for having a keen eye and ear, with special attention to detail within the medical field. I treat every client as if they were a family member. Making sure to find you the plan that not only fits your medical needs but is financially sound.

Give me a call, send me an email, or shoot me a text! I promise to make your insurance needs as seamless as possible.
I look forward to assisting you!

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Call : 973-652-4828   (or)  Email

Amanda A Reece

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I'm a Gemologist





National Provider Number: 20676699

Verified States: AR, FL, NE, OH, SC, SD, TX, WV

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