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As a licensed health insurance broker the best part of my job is getting to help people! Whether it is answering questions, comparing plans or helping to select the right plan option. I really value people that listen and wonderful customer service so I try my best to reciprocate that with all of my clients!

I also really enjoy the health field in general. In my spare time I run, volunteer, coach, shuffle my four awesome kids around to activities, visit family and friends, exercise, and spend time at the beach! I spent many years as a flight attendant so I have traveled and met many people around the world. I still enjoy meeting people and hearing all about their life.

At no cost, I can help you find health benefits that best suit your personal healthcare needs and offer the best value for your needs. I can help educate you on the options available and help navigate the best fit. I look forward to helping you!

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Vanessa Carpenter

Interesting Fact

I don't like heights but I was a flight attendant


Collecting shells


Thai Food

National Provider Number: 20141097

Verified State: Florida

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