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Sahil Sethi
Sahil Sethi
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I know, first hard, that getting health insurance can be so confusing and you don’t who you can trust, or go to for advice for the right information. When I first spoke to Christian Garafolo, I could instantly tell he wasn’t just trying to sell me insurance, he actually wanted to know my specific needs for my family and myself, and recommended me options. He also answered my many questions, patiently. Being in Business Development/Sales myself, I can tell when people over the phone are trying really hard and when someone is being genuine. Over my many conversations with Christian, I knew he was someone I could trust, count on and be reliable. If I had a question, he was only a text or phone call away, which was really important to me. I know people like that are hard to come by, especially in the health insurance space, so they have gained a customer for life. If you are looking for someone you can trust, to provide you the best service and go above & beyond, talk to Christian from First Family Insurance.
With our nationwide coverage, you’ll feel confident having your family in our care wherever you are.

For over a decade, we’ve attained exceptional assurance from top providers to keep you and your family covered.

Our industry leadership provides you the confidence you need to spend the time you want with your family.

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