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Steady health insurance for when your roads get a little bumpy.
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Why choose us?

Your roads are sometimes bumpy.
Your health insurance doesn’t have to be. Contact our Coral Springs team today for a quote on health insurance for truck drivers.
Access to Best Plans

Long hours on the road don’t always feel like they pay off. Our agents work on finding the plan that pays off for you. We’ll find the best qualified savings while you find the best routes home.


We don’t know what obstacles the road ahead might have, but we do know that our insurance isn’t one of them. We compare our savings to what you’d receive from the Affordable Care Act so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Easy to Understand

Some transitions aren’t always easy to stick with. At Family First Insurance, we show you where your money is going. Our ten plus years of experience make any transition in insurance easier to understand.


Some companies offer you inadequate coverage with too many hours on the road. We’ll get you the best coverage with unique qualified benefits. Our Coral Springs experts build truck driver health insurance plans that will have you feeling covered any time you’re behind the wheel.

First Family Insurance offers the best options for truck driver health insurance. Contact us today!

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How Our Plans
Beat Your Employer’s

You commit yourself to hours on the road but you might not be committed to your employer’s insurance plan.

At First Family Insurance, we are always committed to giving you flexible options. We offer the best health insurance options for truck drivers in Coral Springs and beyond!

Our Benefits

As a truck driver, we’ll put you on the road to easy-to-understand insurance plans.

We are Simple

No complex back and forth. Advisors quickly respond to your needs and concerns, finding the best plan for you.

We are Competitive

Our competitive pricing makes sure that you’re receiving the lowest rate with money-saving plans.

Truck drivers, get quality health insurance in Coral Springs with First Family Insurance!

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